For more than 50 years of doing charity, and an annual event of giving plaques of honor, the Gusi Peace Prize is eyeing on an international mobilization aimed at meeting the world’s economic, social and environmental challenge.

Through this endeavor, the Philippine Gusi Committee wishes to proclaim that the only negotiable route to global peace and cooperation goes by way of the United Nations.

The peace prize is awarded by a committee of twenty one. According to the rules, the board of trustees and the committees have only one year in the position, subject to be reappointed. People of different nationalities could be a part of this foundation by which their willingness is necessary to work for peace and unity.

The Gusi Committee is completely independent. In its assessment of nomination of awards, it receives no instructions or directives. According to the statutes of the Gusi Peace Prize, there must be no mention in the minutes of any Gusi committee meetings of the contents of discussions relating to choices of candidates for the various awards, nor must any differences of opinion in committees be divulged in other ways.

For that reason, committee members take no part in the public debates which follow the announcement of decisions. All meetings of the Gusi Committee are held three times a year in Manila,; twice in Hong Kong; and once in Europe.