Considering the objectives of the Gusi Peace Prize based on human endeavors, and exemplary achievement relative to the first objective which is peace and secondary objectives which are excellence in the line of calling preferably projected to the whole world, humanitarian endowment which marks the achievement that one attains in the pursuit of his career in the realization thereof of humane achievement of such objectives with direct bearing to the ultimate which is peace and happiness.Inserted therein is also the reflection of the human behavior and character of the recipient which is generally the main feature that makes an individual worthy of recognition. In view of these basic statements, the Gusi Peace Prize has created a criteria which are the main bases for choosing the recipient of such an award.

These objectives are designated to equal all other international recognition society and in this particular case, one that originates from the Philippines. To attain therefore the respectable position of these awardees, a committee of international grouping has been created to decide on the criteria of choosing the prospecrtive awardees of the Gusi Peace Prize.

The following are the criteria:

It is so required that all prospective awardees must be unanimously endorsed by any organization or grouping of people who deep in their heart feels that the awardee is worthy of such.

That such an awardee must provide character references relative to his activities and such an endorsement be given voluntarily and not at the instance of urging of prospective awardee and his submission shall be officially recorded with formal endorsement of the major society to which his particular calling is related.

That awardees with relative bearings of relationships to any particular member of the foundation shall not be entertained unless it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that such distinction is beyond question.

It must be emphasized that in view of criteria no. 3 and for propriety purposes, that no awardee shall be considered who has a special or close relationship to any member of the board of trustees.

It must be made to understand to all prospective awardees that such recognition given them are the product of the objectives of Gusi Peace Prize, and therefore the recognition of their fate that leads to this award must be distinctly known to all sundries.

With the concurrence of the members of the international grouping of the GusPeace Prize, the above criteria shall be the main guide by which awardees internationally shall be duly recognized.

The voting committee of twenty one is composed of people from the following countries: Greece, United States of America, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, New Zealand, Italy and Britain.


The awarding ceremony has no specific date, but is held annually between November and December of each year, and is the final result of a long selection process. The Philippine Gusi Committee bases its assessment on nomination that must be postmarked no later than the end of October each year.
Nominators. Nomination rules effective from 2005. Compared to the old rules the list of nominators has been slightly expanded.

Any of the following persons is entitled to submit proposals:

Members of national assemblies and governments;

Members of international courts of law;

University presidents; professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology;

Leaders of peace institutes and institutes of foreign affairs;

Former Gusi Peace Prize laureates;

Board of trustees of organization who have received the Gusi Peace Prize;

Present and past members of the Gusi Committee;

Former advisers of the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation.

Observing the rules of the statutes of the Gusi Peace Prize , the committee does not publish the names of the candidates.

The Gusi Peace Prize may also be accorded to institutions or associations.

The nominators are strongly requested not to publish their proposal. Proposals shall be sent to:The Philippine Gusi Committee
23 Windsor St., Eastside Manors,
Pasig Blvd, Pasig City 1600Gusi Peace Prize Foundation
PO Box 1178, Makati City
Manila, Philippines